At D’Town Cloud Company Vape Shop we strive to put vapers first and too add the human element back into small business 

we  stand by a no clone policy while maintaining a mantra of putting people before profits.

this shop is owned by a Vaper for Vapers as well as every single wall, floor ceiling etc was built by vapers hands to truly make this store each of yours 

when you shop with us your family and in our world family tries to help and look out for each other 

Directions to our shop

D’Town Cloud Company 

135 W Lancaster Ave

Downingtown, PA, 19335


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Why We Put People First:

I have learned there is no perfect vape shop. So all I could do is take all the good experiences I had as a vaper consumer and try to do those better, and then take what I felt was negative practices at shops and never repeat them.

Just because I felt something was negative will not mean you do and I understand I can never please everyone however I do hope I will be able to please more than upset more of our vape family.

My biggest issue was we can all go to a Big Chain dept. store and one stop shop from pet food to furnishing a home. So why were all vape shops seen as juice and coil shops only to buy hardware online for fair pricing? I say the HELL with that. We ARE A ONE STOP SHOP YOU CAN BUY ANYTHING ANYTIME NEVER MORE THAN $10 OVER SUGGESTED MSRP...I will never charge you for my time, my electric, my payroll, my service or my life choice to decide to open a vape shop

Then times I was broke myself  what was I suppose to do? I I have personally put off paying my bills and have had my cellphone shut off in the past in order to keep vaping. I then say THE HELL with that too...WE WILL NEVER TURN DOWN ANYONE WHO NEEDS JUICE OR COILS FOR ANY REASON PERIOD. You will never choose paying a bill or staying healthy at our shop because we mean it when we say we are trying to help our industry to get  a billion lives saved. People will ALWAYS come before profits at my shop.

Then there is the frat boy click feel that your either one of us or an outsider. AND AGAIN HELL TO THE NO! I don't care about race, gender, social status, employment income, family providence, how big your clouds are, how expensive your mod is, or if you carry a badge.....EVERYONE IS EQUAL WHEN THEY WALK IN BECAUSE ALL I SEE ARE VAPERS OR SMOKERS WHO WANT A NEW WAY OF LIFE..NO ONE WILL EVER GET LESS OR MORE THAN ANOTHER WE DO NOT CARE IF YOU SPENT $5 OR $500. EVERY VAPER MATTERS, EVERY VAPER IS EQUAL

Lastly Sunday every shop usually closes at 5-6pm but what about that emergency coils before the work week? It has happened to me before so I am sure it has to others too. That is why we are open on sundays from 3-8pm even if it means you only need a $4.00 coil it will not matter due to the fact it is never about how much you spend it will always be about the vaper.